Monday, February 5, 2018

February News

Time is really flying here in first grade!  The kids are taking off with their reading, writing, and math skills and it is so fun to watch them grow!  February is a very busy month!  See below for important upcoming dates and a peek into what we have been learning. 

Important Upcoming Dates:  

2/6:  Our 100th Day of School!  We will be doing special projects to celebrate throughout the day.
2/14:  Valentine's Day!  Please send Valentines and boxes in the morning so students have time to pass out their cards. Our class party will be from 2:40-3:25.  
2/15:  Window Opens to Schedule Spring Conferences Online (conference dates are in March)
2/16: No school for students.  Teacher professional development day.
2/19:  No School.  President's Day.
2/27:  Our Earth Matters Music Program.  Our class performs from 6:15pm-7:00pm.  
A Peek Into Our Classroom    

Reader’s Workshop

We are focusing on….

* setting personal reading goals to improve our decoding and comprehension  
*thinking strategies to help us understand and interact with texts (determining importance, paraphrasing, keeping track of our thinking and learning as we read)
* noticing and learning from all the non-fiction text features that authors use

You can support your child at home by….

*Asking: What are your reading goals?    
*Use the resources under the Reading Tab to guide you as you support your child with decoding and comprehension.  Make sure they read, read, read!
*Have your child stop and paraphrase what they read.  Ask them what is most important and why.   
*Make sure your child is reading a mixture of fiction and non-fiction.

Writer’s Workshop

We are focusing on….

*Writing informational books to teach others about a topic.
*Breaking down and organizing a topic into important parts (chapters)
*Using words and pictures to teach important information.
*Including non-fiction text features such as table of contents, headings, labels, captions, close-ups, and bold words.

You can support your child at home by…

*Asking:  What teaching books are you working on?   
*Help your child generate more ideas for teaching book topics.  What do they know a lot about?  What can they teach to others?
*Point out text features and interesting ways that authors teach in the non-fiction books you read together. 


We are focusing on….

*counting and sorting larger numbers (up to 120) in a variety of ways
* finding many ways to represent a given number
*solidifying skip counting to 120
*Solving problems with more than two numbers or with larger numbers
*Explaining our thinking and solving problems in different ways
*We will soon be introducing: telling time to the hour, measurement, and fractions

You can support your child at home by…

*Use the Pearson Math Words and Ideas Page for great practice options and to gain a better understanding of how different concepts are taught
*Continue to practice counting by 1s (forwards and backwards), 5s, 10s, and 2s to 120 until these skills are mastered
*Work on addition and subtraction fact fluencyespecially doubles and ways to make ten (i.e. 1+9, 2+ 8, 3+ 7, etc.) 
*Supporting your child with Sunshine math practice (really encouraging them to think critically and allowing for some productive struggle)
*Playing the math homework games together and encouraging your child to share their thinking by asking, “how do you know?” or “what strategy did you use to find that answer?”
Social Studies/Science

We are focusing on…

*Exploring American Figures and Symbols
*Choosing a figure or symbol to research
*Determining Importance and Paraphrasing Important Learning
*Collaborating with others to create a project
*Kindness!  We will be decorating our classroom door and talking about the importance of choosing kindness everyday

You can support your child at home by…

*Ask students what people and symbols they have learned about and why they are important
*Help them read more about the ones that interest them most (PebbleGo or Britannica online are great resources for this)