Sunday, January 13, 2019

January News

Important Upcoming Dates:

Friday, January 18th:  No School (Teacher In-service Day)

Monday, January 21st:  No School (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)

Friday, February 1st: Sock Hop (See Below) 

Friday, February 15th-No School, Teacher Professional Development

Monday February 18th-No School, President's Day 

Tuesday, February 21st 7:15-7:45: Specials Performance 
Mrs. Roon's 1st Grade and Mrs. Anderson's 2nd Grade

A Peek into Our Classroom 

Happy New Year! I love this time of year because the students grow by leaps and bounds!  We have hit the ground running, launching new non-fiction units in reading and writing, continuing our number sense addition/subtraction unit in math, and beginning a Social Studies unit on Famous Americans.  We are also in the middle of a technology co-teaching block with Mrs. Fleet, where we learning to use Spark Videos to teach others.  Look for some awesome videos on SeeSaw very soon!  Read on for more details about our learning and how you can support your child at home.  :)

Reader’s Workshop

We are focusing on….
* setting personal reading goals to improve our decoding and comprehension  
*thinking strategies to help us understand and interact with texts (determining importance, paraphrasing, keeping track of our thinking and learning as we read)
* noticing and learning from all the non-fiction text features that authors use

You can support your child at home by….
*Asking: What are your reading goals?    
*Use the resources under the Reading Tab to guide you as you support your child with decoding and comprehension.  Make sure they read, read, read!
*Have your child stop and paraphrase what they read.  Ask them what is most important and why.
*Make sure your child is reading a mixture of fiction and non-fiction.
Writer’s Workshop

We are focusing on….
*Writing informational books to teach others about a topic.
*Breaking down and organizing a topic into important parts (chapters)
*Using words and pictures to teach important information.
*Including non-fiction text features such as table of contents, headings, labels, captions, close-ups, and bold words.

You can support your child at home by…
*Asking:  What teaching books are you working on?   
*Help your child generate more ideas for teaching book topics.  What do they know a lot about? What can they teach to others?
*Point out text features and interesting ways that authors teach in the non-fiction books you read together.  


We are focusing on….

*counting and sorting larger numbers (up to 120) in a variety of ways
* finding many ways to represent a given number
*solidifying skip counting to 120
*Solving problems with more than two numbers or with larger numbers
*Explaining our thinking and solving problems in different ways
*We will soon be introducing: telling time to the hour, measurement, and fractions

You can support your child at home by…

*Continue to practice counting by 1s (forwards and backwards), 5s, 10s, and 2s to 120 until these skills are mastered
*Work on addition and subtraction fact fluency…especially doubles and ways to make ten (i.e. 1+9, 2+ 8, 3+ 7, etc.)
*Supporting your child with Sunshine math practice (really encouraging them to think critically and allowing for some productive struggle)
*Playing the math homework games together and encouraging your child to share their thinking by asking, “how do you know?” or “what strategy did you use to find that answer?”
Social Studies/Science

We are focusing on…

*Exploring American Figures and Symbols
*Choosing a figure or symbol to research
*Determining Importance and Paraphrasing Important Learning
*Collaborating with others to create a project

You can support your child at home by…

*Ask students what people and symbols they have learned about and why they are important
*Help them read more about the ones that interest them most (PebbleGo or Britannica online are great resources for this)

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

November News!

Important Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, November 6th: NO SCHOOL. 
Election Day! Professional Development Day for Teachers

November 12th- November 16th:  Book Fair

Wednesday, November 14th:  
Learning Celebration and Thanksgiving Feast!  
We invite families to join us in the classroom so the children can share some of their recent learning with you.  After the learning celebration, you are invited to join your child in the cafeteria for a Thanksgiving feast! Our learning celebration will be from 11:15-11:45, with lunch from 11:45-12:05.  You can pre-order lunch tickets at  

Monday, November 19th-Friday, November 23rd:  
NO SCHOOL- Thanksgiving Break! 

A Peek Into Our Classroom: Oct/Nov 

Reader’s Workshop

We are focusing on...

*Understanding that reading is thinking!
*Listening to our inner voice
*Leaving "tracks" of our thinking by making notes when we learn new things, make connections, or have a question about what we read (We use LOTS of sticky notes!)
*Become problem solvers who can use lots of strategies to decode and understand what we read 
*Continuing to build stamina and independence

You can help at home by:

*Keep up with the nightly reading routine
*Encourage students to "think aloud" as they read and share their questions, learnings and reactions to text
*Model asking questions as you read 
*Continue to support sight word and spelling pattern homework 

Writer’s Workshop

We are focusing on....

*Learning more about crafting small moment, narrative stories
*Making our stories come alive by making our characters talk, move and feel
*Telling our stories in small steps using transition words
*Using mentor texts and trying out some of the strategies we see other authors use 
*Beginning to edit our work for best spelling, upper/lowercase letter usage, and punctuation 

You can help at home by:

*Ask your child what they are writing about
*Ask what they are trying to make their stories "come alive" 
*Pick small writing tasks to practice correct letter formation and upper/lower case usage (when they are making sight word flash cards is a great time for this!)  


We are focusing on...

*describing 2-D shapes according to attributes like sides and corners
*comparing, classifying, representing and building shapes
*combining shapes in different ways and noticing what shapes can be put together or taken apart to make new shapes
*continuing to build number sense and addition/subtraction (we will revisit this in depth again next unit)

You can help at home by...

*ask your child to find geometric shapes and describe them using our math language 
*continue to build number sense and practice counting and addition/subtraction skills 

Science /Social Studies

We are focusing on...

*we just wrapped up our unit on Pebbles, Sand and Silt.  Be sure to have your little geologists share their Geology Notebooks and all of their learning with you! 

*our next unit will be a Social Studies unit, focusing on the history of United States traditions and celebrations such as Thanksgiving, analyzing how things have changed over time 

You can help at home by...

*begin to talk about your family traditions and customs 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

September News

Important Upcoming Dates:

Thursday, September 20th-DIGGER DASH!
First grade will warm up at 9:10, and our Race Time is 9:25-9:55
*This year, we are Mrs. Roon's Fast Cats!  
Students are encouraged to wear cat ears.*   

Friday, September 21st—No School 
(Teacher Professional Development Day )

Thursday, September 28th and Thursday, October 4th—Fall Conferences
 Click here to sign up for Parent/Teacher Conferences ! I look forward to sharing with you!

October 6th-14th—FALL BREAK

A Peek into Our Classroom:

It has been so fun to get to know the children in our classroom!  We are working hard to learn rituals and routines to make our busy day run smoothly.  Students are building stamina and independence across our day, while learning how to be kind, caring and responsible classmates.  Here is a peek into our current curricular learning along with suggestions to support your child at home in each area:

Reader’s Workshop

We are focusing on….
* finding “good fit” books to read and building our reading stamina
*building good habits to use every time we read!
*decoding strategies to help when we get stuck on a word
*thinking strategies to help us understand and interact with texts (i.e. how to make connections)

You can support your child at home by….
*Prioritize nightly reading of just right books!
*Go to our Reading Tab for a detailed break down of all the good habits, strategies for solving hard words, and thinking strategies we have taught so far. Use these resources to support your child at home!
*Ask students to tell you how they know books are a "good fit."
*Ask students to tell you about their reading goals and the strategies they use when they get stuck.
*Help your child find “good fit” books to read at home.  Continue to read aloud to your child, especially when they are interested in texts that are too challenging for them right now.  
*Talk about your own thinking as you read together (i.e. this reminds me of…., I wonder if…..) and encourage your child to do the same

Writer’s Workshop

We are focusing on….
*Learning the steps in the writing process
  --Think of an idea
  --Plan (Touch and tell, then sketch)
  --Revise (add details)
  --Edit (check spelling and punctuation,
     using our word wall, what we are
learning about spelling patterns, and
our best first grade strategies—
phonetic spelling is still expected
and OK!)
*Small Moments Writing
  --We are learning how to write
narrative moments that focus on
small moments from our day.
 Instead of a huge “watermelon
story,” such as a trip to Disneyland,
we are learning to stretch out small
“seed stories”—such as riding on
Splash Mountain.   

You can support your child at home by…
*Asking:  What small moment stories have you been writing?
*Helping your child generate good ideas for small moment stories (i.e. remember what happened when you lost your first tooth? That would make a good small moment story!)
*Help your child with their Words Their Way Spelling homework and have them notice these words in their writing
*See the writing tab on this website for more!

We are focusing on….

*Counting, quantity, place value and the structure of the base-10 number system.
*Tools and Strategies for addition and subtraction
*Explaining our thinking and solving problems in different ways

You can support your child at home by…

*Review the math tab on my website for lots of ideas and more information about our math approaches.
*Playing the math homework games together and encouraging your child to share their thinking by asking, “how do you know?” or “what strategy did you use to find that answer?”
*Continue to practice counting by 1s, 5s, 10s, and 2s to 120.  Once students are fluent, have them try starting at a number other than 1.
*Make story problems for your kids, such as “We are having people over for dinner.  One family has 6 people, one has 5, and we have 4. How many plates will we need?”

Social Studies/Science

We are focusing on…

*Communities and Citizens, specifically about what it looks like to be a member of our school community
*How to Go for the GOLD (Give Respect, Own your Actions, Listen and Learn, and Do Your Best) in different places in the school
*How to be a kind, caring, and helpful community member

You can support your child at home by…

*Ask your child to teach you about what it looks like and sounds like to go for the GOLD at school
*Ask your child about kind things they have done to “fill others’ buckets”
*Continue to talk to your children about what it looks like to be a kind, caring, responsible member of a community

Coming Up Next...

Science--We will be moving into our Science unit on Pebbles, Sand and Silt *We will be focusing on the process of inquiry and understanding rocks as earth materials and natural resources.  *Exploring, sorting, and experimenting with pebbles, sand, silt, and rocks of other sizes and types

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Welcome to First Grade!

Welcome, new first graders and families!  My name is Bree Roon and I am thrilled to be your child's teacher this year.  These first graders will blossom into amazing readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, researchers, and critical thinkers!    They will develop new friendships and continue to bloom into inquisitive, caring members of our classroom, our school, and our world.  I can't wait to help them along this journey! 

I am looking forward to meeting you all on Monday, August 6th at our Meet the Teacher event.  Please be sure to schedule a time!  In the meantime, feel free to click on "About Me" to learn a little about who I am and my background as a teacher.    

Just as I am sure you are curious about me, I am curious about your child!  I would love a chance to learn a little about your first grader before the school year starts.  As such, I am asking you to please email me a short letter to tell me a little bit about your child.  This letter could include interests (both in and out of school), strengths, needs, learning style, motivators and anything else you think could help me get to know and best support your child.  I would also love if you could include a picture to help me put a face with the name! Please send these to by August 1st if possible! THANK YOU!! 

For more important information about the start of the school year, please review the following letter from Principal Brown regarding upcoming dates, schedules, and other details pertaining to our first days together:   

Dear Gold Rush Families,
I hope you are having a wonderful summer!  We are eagerly awaiting the beginning of the school year.  I want to provide you with important information regarding the start of the year.  It is my hope that this information will make you aware of upcoming events and important timelines.

Wednesday, July 18th – July 31st  Online Express Check In
Online Express Check In will open on Wednesday, July 18.  Click here to login using your Parent Portal credentials.  You will use Online Express Check In to update your contact information, pay school fees and sign up for volunteer opportunities.  Please note that some of the forms need to be printed and turned in to your teacher during Meet Your Teacher Day on Monday, August 6, or the first day of school.  All students must register via Online Express Check In by July 31st.  For assistance please contact one of the individuals below:
·       GRE Administrative Assistant Anita Rudman: 303-387-7704
·       GRE Registrar Christi Dismang: 303-387-7707

Wednesday, July 18th Class Placement
We know that your child is eager to know who his/her classroom teacher will be.  Starting at 8:00 a.m. July 18th you can click here to access parent portal.  You will be able to view your child’s teacher by selecting your student and clicking on the schedule tab.  You can look forward to receiving a welcome letter from your child’s teacher via email by the end of the month.

Monday, August 6th - Meet Your Teacher
We believe that it is essential for students to have the opportunity to meet their teacher and visit their classroom prior to the first day of school.  Families are welcome to visit their classroom on Monday, August 6, and drop off school supplies.  
We want to ensure that families are able to spend time with the teacher in a small group setting so we ask that you sign up for one of the times shown below by clicking here for our online scheduler.  The online scheduler will be available July 18th through July 31st and the password is digger.  The sign up is first come first serve, so please sign up as soon as possible if you have a preferred time or wish to align siblings’ times.  If you ordered school supplies through the PTO they will be delivered to your child’s classroom.  Click here for a map of teachers’ classrooms.
Meet Your Teacher Times on Monday, August 6th

Thursday, August 9th -  First Full Day of School
The first full day of school for students in grades K-5 is Thursday, August 9th.  Students will meet their teachers on the front blacktop on the first day of school for an opening flag ceremony that begins at 8:30 AM.  Click here for a map of your classroom location for our opening ceremony.  All teachers will also have a sign with their name on it.

Friday, August 10th - Rolling Start to the School Day Begins
On the second day of school students will enter the building through the front door on their own between 8:20 AM-8:30AM and walk directly to their classrooms.  Teachers and older students will be available to assist younger students. Our rolling start ensures a smooth start to the day. Parents of preschool students will need to walk their children into the building using the west entrance and sign their child in.  School will be in session from 8:30AM-3:30PM next year.
Click here for the 2018 - 2019 Conventional Calendar
Click here for information regarding the Rolling Start to the School Day
Click here for general drop off and pick up procedures.

Wednesday, August 15th – Back to School Night for Parents Only
Classroom teachers will provide parents with an overview of the school year on Wednesday, August 15th, during the following two Back to School Night sessions: 6:05-6:35 PM & 6:40-7:10 PM.  The principal will share school celebrations and upcoming goals for the year in the gym from 5:45-6:00 PM.  We hope you will join us for these informative sessions.

Thursday, August 28th – 1 Assessment Hour
In an attempt to gain more targeted information regarding your child’s academic strengths and needs each child will come to school for one hour only on August 28th to complete reading and math assessments.  The assessments administered allow educators to alter their instruction to meet your child’s individual needs and learning style.
Click here for the online conference scheduler between July 18th – July 31st to select an assessment time for your child.  The password is digger. Because we value the information we obtain on these days, it is mandatory that all children complete their assessments on August 28th.  Please bring your child to the front vestibule and teachers will escort him/her to his/her testing location.  Students will conclude their assessment hour in the gym where your child take his/her school picture.  Our Before and After School Enrichment program (B.A.S.E.) will be available on August 28th.  Please contact B.A.S.E. as soon as possible as spaces are limited.

We will also be releasing a new website in the coming weeks.  Our website address will remain and you will be rerouted. We hope you enjoy our new platform!  

We look forward to seeing your family in August.  Enjoy the remainder of your summer vacation!


Jennifer Brown

2018 Beginning of the Year Schedule
Monday, August 6: Meet Your Teacher
Parents show their child how to walk to his/her new classroom.
Thursday, August 9: First Day of School
Students meet their teachers on the front blacktop for an opening flag ceremony by 8:30 AM.
Teachers show students how to walk to their classroom.
Friday, August 10: Second Day of School
Students walk to their classrooms between 8:20 AM - 8:30 AM.
Parents say good-bye outside of the building.
Tuesday, August 28: Assessment Hour
Students take classroom assessments for one hour.
Students take their picture at the end of their assessment hour.

Bell Schedule
8:20 AM First Bell
Students can enter the building.
Crosswalk supervision begins.
Students should not arrive to school prior to this bell.

8:30 AM Start of the School Day

8:35 Tardy Bell