Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September News

Important Upcoming Dates:

Friday September 15—Western Night

Friday, September 22nd—No School (Teacher Training)

Wednesday, September 27th and Thursday, October 5th—Fall Conferences

Friday, September 29th—DIGGER DASH!

October 9th-13th—Fall Break

A Peek into Our Classroom:

It has been so fun to get to know the children in our classroom!  We are working hard to learn rituals and routines to make our busy day run smoothly.  Students are building stamina and independence across our day, while learning how to be kind, caring and responsible classmates.  Here is a peek into our current curricular learning:

Reader’s Workshop

We are focusing on….

* finding “good fit” books to read and building our reading stamina
*decoding strategies to help when we get stuck on a word
*thinking strategies to help us understand and interact with texts (i.e. how to make connections)

You can support your child at home by….

*Asking: What is a “good fit/just right book”? 
*Asking: What are some strategies you can use when you get stuck? 
*Use the resources under the Reading Tab to guide you as you support your child with decoding and comprehension
*Help your child find “good fit” books to read at home.  Continue to read aloud to your child, especially when they are interested in texts that are too challenging for them right now. 
*Talk about your own thinking as you read together (i.e. this reminds me of…., I wonder if…..) and encourage your child to do the same

Writer’s Workshop

We are focusing on….

*Learning the steps in the writing process
   --Think of an idea
   --Plan (Touch and tell, then sketch)
   --Revise (add details)
   --Edit (check spelling and punctuation, using our word wall, what we are learning about spelling patterns, and our best first grade strategies—phonetic spelling is still expected and OK!)

*Small Moments Writing
   --We are learning how to write narrative moments that focus on small moments from our day.  Instead of a huge “watermelon story,” such as a trip to Disneyland, we are learning to stretch out small “seed stories”—such as riding on Splash Mountain.  

You can support your child at home by…

*Asking:  What small moment stories have you been writing?
*Helping your child generate good ideas for small moment stories (i.e. remember what happened when you lost your first tooth? That would make a good small moment story!)


We are focusing on….

*Counting, quantity, place value and the structure of the base-10 number system. 
*Tools and Strategies for addition and subtraction
*Explaining our thinking and solving problems in different ways

You can support your child at home by…

*Playing the math homework games together and encouraging your child to share their thinking by asking, “how do you know?” or “what strategy did you use to find that answer?”
*Continue to practice counting by 1s, 5s, 10s, and 2s to 120.  Once students are fluent, have them try starting at a number other than 1.
*Make story problems for your kids, such as “We are having people over for dinner.  One family has 6 people, one has 5, and we have 4.  How many plates will we need?”

Social Studies/Science

We are focusing on…

*Communities and Citizens, specifically about what it looks like to be a member of our school community
*How to Go for the GOLD (Give Respect, Own your Actions, Listen and Learn, and Do Your Best) in different places in the school
*How to be a kind, caring, and helpful community member

You can support your child at home by…

*Ask your child to teach you about what it looks like and sounds like to go for the GOLD at school
*Ask your child about kind things they have done to “fill other people's buckets”
*Continue to talk to your children about what it looks like to be a kind, caring, responsible member of a community