Tuesday, November 6, 2018

November News!

Important Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, November 6th: NO SCHOOL. 
Election Day! Professional Development Day for Teachers

November 12th- November 16th:  Book Fair

Wednesday, November 14th:  
Learning Celebration and Thanksgiving Feast!  
We invite families to join us in the classroom so the children can share some of their recent learning with you.  After the learning celebration, you are invited to join your child in the cafeteria for a Thanksgiving feast! Our learning celebration will be from 11:15-11:45, with lunch from 11:45-12:05.  You can pre-order lunch tickets at MySchoolBucks.com.  

Monday, November 19th-Friday, November 23rd:  
NO SCHOOL- Thanksgiving Break! 

A Peek Into Our Classroom: Oct/Nov 

Reader’s Workshop

We are focusing on...

*Understanding that reading is thinking!
*Listening to our inner voice
*Leaving "tracks" of our thinking by making notes when we learn new things, make connections, or have a question about what we read (We use LOTS of sticky notes!)
*Become problem solvers who can use lots of strategies to decode and understand what we read 
*Continuing to build stamina and independence

You can help at home by:

*Keep up with the nightly reading routine
*Encourage students to "think aloud" as they read and share their questions, learnings and reactions to text
*Model asking questions as you read 
*Continue to support sight word and spelling pattern homework 

Writer’s Workshop

We are focusing on....

*Learning more about crafting small moment, narrative stories
*Making our stories come alive by making our characters talk, move and feel
*Telling our stories in small steps using transition words
*Using mentor texts and trying out some of the strategies we see other authors use 
*Beginning to edit our work for best spelling, upper/lowercase letter usage, and punctuation 

You can help at home by:

*Ask your child what they are writing about
*Ask what they are trying to make their stories "come alive" 
*Pick small writing tasks to practice correct letter formation and upper/lower case usage (when they are making sight word flash cards is a great time for this!)  


We are focusing on...

*describing 2-D shapes according to attributes like sides and corners
*comparing, classifying, representing and building shapes
*combining shapes in different ways and noticing what shapes can be put together or taken apart to make new shapes
*continuing to build number sense and addition/subtraction (we will revisit this in depth again next unit)

You can help at home by...

*ask your child to find geometric shapes and describe them using our math language 
*continue to build number sense and practice counting and addition/subtraction skills 

Science /Social Studies

We are focusing on...

*we just wrapped up our unit on Pebbles, Sand and Silt.  Be sure to have your little geologists share their Geology Notebooks and all of their learning with you! 

*our next unit will be a Social Studies unit, focusing on the history of United States traditions and celebrations such as Thanksgiving, analyzing how things have changed over time 

You can help at home by...

*begin to talk about your family traditions and customs 

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